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Regular maintenance is essential for keeping a house functioning, but occasionally a malfunction can occur that requires repairs or replacement to restore the situation. Your America’s Preferred Home Warranty agreement will assist with the cost of large, unexpected repairs required when any covered systems fail due to normal wear and tear. I do not think that anyone "needs" a home warranty. That being said, when I bought my first home it was great to have a home warranty. The couple that sold the house to us offered a year of HMS home warranty to us, and it was really great. We live in FL, so when our AC went out, it was a relief to know that we were covered.

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In addition, Doug is the President of HMS National.

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If they determine your equipment requires replacement, your new appliance or system will be covered for the same low service call fee as you would with a repair service.

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We have demanded to speak with someone from the authorization department or a supervisor.

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The next day, Torine received a customer satisfaction survey from HMS.

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